April 2015 Meetup - Prototyping Realtime-MMOs + Solving Graph Problems with Node.js

01 April 2015

The Seattle Node.js Meetup is pleased announce our meetup on Wednesday, April 15th with talks on MMOs and graph problems hosted at Madrona’s offices downtown.

As always, you can find all things Seattle Node.js-related at the group website: http://seanode.github.io/. And you can reach out to us via email at seattlenode@gmail.com or Twitter at @seattlenode.

See you soon!


6:30 - 7:00pm: Arrive, mix, mingle.

7:00pm - 8:30pm: Listen and learn about building MMOs and solving graph problems with Node.js

8:30pm - on: Mingle, mix, chat things Node.js-related and more as we wind down.


Rapidly Prototyping Realtime-MMOs with Node.js

Alex Dines - BlackTowerGames

It has never been easier to rapidly create and test multiplayer servers. We are luckily past the days of dealing with five minute compile times, C++ callbacks and winsock.h. Server code in node is clean and readable. Using Websockets for communication and Three.js for visualization, we can build games servers in days not weeks. We will get a demo up and running to show you the power of rapidly prototyping games with node.

Alex has been working with games for almost two decades. He’s always looking to find technology to bring his ideas to life. Previously, he worked at Flowplay in Pioneer Square, released Blood on the Dance floor on the Xbox Indie Arcade, with top sales and downloads for two weeks. He then spent a year at Digipen working on MSCS before splitting off to form Black Tower Entertainment with his colleges. They are developing a browser based CO-OP 3D ARPG called Overload.

Solving Day-to-Day Problems With Graphs

Chris Russell

Mathematical graphs are data structures that represent a set of things called vertices, and a set of relationships among things called edges. Virtually any set of concepts can be mapped or modeled using mathematical graphs making them a “universal” data structure.

Graphs have entered the lexicon over the past several years given their fundamental importance to analyzing large amounts of data. But graphs are useful for modeling and solving complex problems on a smaller scale too.

April’s talk will be about modeling concepts and solving complex day-to-day problems using graphs and the Encapsule/jsgraph package: a light-weight in-process graph container and re-usable algorithms that make some really fancy stuff trivial to do in-process.

Talk website: github.com/ChrisRus/seanode-meetup-2015-apr-jsgraph

Chris Russell is a developer and entrepreneur with a passion for design patterns and programming metaphors. He is currently starting a new venture out of the HUB in Bellevue, WA. Stop by and say hello!

Venue / Sponsors

Madrona Venture Group is hosting us downtown at: 999 3rd Ave, 34th floor, Seattle, WA.

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