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Welcome to Seattle Node.js! We are a group of Node.js enthusiasts and technologists interested in event-based programming, highly-concurrent applications, and bringing JavaScript to the server-side. We hope that you join us and help the Node.js community continue to grow in Seattle.

Our official Meetup page provides event descriptions and reservations, while this site provides additional event resources, slides, and discussions. You can also find us via email (, Twitter (@seattlenode), and on GitHub (@seanode).

Latest Happenings

March 2014 Meetup - Node.js on the Road w/ Joyent & Friends

04 March 2014

The Seattle Node.js Meetup is pleased to announce that the fine folks at Joyent are coming up to Seattle as a part of their “Node.js on the Road” show and bringing a fantastic panel of speakers, including TJ Fontaine, the Node.js project lead. The event will be held at SURF Incubator’s Dice Cabana meeting space downtown.

We’re thrilled to have Seattle host the show along with San Francisco and Portland, and hope to see you out! Please join us Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM for this great opportunity to listen to and interact with folks who drive and lead Node.js.


In addition, the speakers and other Seattle-area Node.js experts are coming out for our inaugural “Node.js Office Hours” the next day, Wednesday, March 19, hosted at DevLocal in Fremont.

So come see the talks and panel on Tuesday, and hack on Node.js with the pro’s on Wednesday!


This special event has a dedicated EventBrite registration page that you will need to sign up for in addition to your usual Meetup RSVP on the meetup event page. Double sign-up is a bit of a hassle, but this allows us and Joyent to keep the RSVPs under control and ensure a wonderful night for all.

Then you can also RSVP at the Meetup event page.


We have a great group of Node.js core project and community developers:


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