October 2016 Meetup - API Driven Development with GraphQL

19 October 2016

The Seattle Node.js Meetup is pleased to announce our meetup on Wednesday, October 26th, API Driven Development with GraphQL!

As always, you can find all things Seattle Node.js-related at the group website: http://seanode.github.io/. And you can reach out to us via email at seattlenode@gmail.com or Twitter at @seattlenode.

See you soon!


  • 6:30pm - 7:00pm: Doors open, hang out with your fellow developers. Note that we do not have a food/beverage sponsor for this event, so grab a bite beforehand!

  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm: Learn what GraphQL is and how you can make it work for you!

  • 8:30pm - on: Mingle, mix, chat things Node.js-related and more as we wind down.


API Driven Development with GraphQL

Travis Webb - CEO of Langa

How can GraphQL make developing APIs faster and cleaner? Why does it simplify mocking and documenting your backend services? And just what in the world is it, exactly?

In this talk, we’ll explore the basics of GraphQL, why it exists in the first place, and how it can make developing your Node applications way more fun. My goal is to leave you inspired to try out your own GraphQL experiments.

Travis Webb is a software developer in Norfolk VA. He is the founder of Langa, a consulting firm that helps companies succeed with Node.js and open-source software, creator of Trails.js (http://trailsjs.io), and father of several cats.

Venue / Sponsor

General Assembly has graciously agreed to host the event. We encourage you to check out one of the awesome downtown restuarants nearby before or following the event! General Assembly is located on the third floor at 1218 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98101

Please RSVP with General Assembly for this event!

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