Nov. 2015 Meetup - Open Clouds and Operational Transformation

19 October 2015

The Seattle Node.js Meetup is pleased announce our meetup on Tuesday, Nov. 17th with a discussion of Node.js tasks and operational transformation.

As always, you can find all things Seattle Node.js-related at the group website: And you can reach out to us via email at or Twitter at @seattlenode.

See you soon!


6:30 - 7:00pm: Start with beverages and food, courtesy of EMC/Isilon.

7:00pm - 8:30pm: Listen and learn about tasks and real-time application transforms!

8:30pm - on: Mingle, mix, chat things Node.js-related and more as we wind down.


Automate All The Things! A Node.js Open Cloud

Ahmed Kamel

Node.js is great for creating microservices. Yet, whether your project is big or small, you still spend the same amount of time managing your VMs. Keeping your small services running is often much more costly than the actual coding.

We would automate much more if the environment were abstracted away.

Join us in learning about TaskMill’s Open Source extreme microservices platform where you check-in your scripts to GitHub and we turn each into an HTTP endpoint. See how we are building an Docker-powered Open Cloud where we build on top of each other’s scripts to Automate All The Things!

Ahmed is an avid builder. By afternoon he is a UI team architect at Microsoft, by late night he is the founder of Previously, he worked on Internet Explorer, building popular features like the Developer Toolbar. is a Node.js platform for bringing ease of automation to your micro tasks and quickly bringing your ideas to life. Try it out at or reach out to Ahmed at @ahmedkamel.

Take Your Game Into OT

Todd Kennedy

The ill-fated Google Wave, and the much more successful Google Docs, are both based on the concept of real-time collaborative document editing, and they both rely on an algorithm to seamlessly merge multiple changes to a single document called Operational Transformation, or “OT.” Interest in live collaboration is growing in the Node community, given the ease of creating real-time applications with the evented programming model and packages like But a lot of the information available about syncing strategies like OT is hard to understand or fraught with complex math. This talk will explain how to use OT in real applications in straightforward language, and also discuss other systems for coordinating data changes between clients.

Todd is the CTO of Scripto; a company that makes the software which powers shows like the Late Show, the Daily Show, Last Week Tonight and others. Previously he led the tech team at Condé Nast Traveler, and ran video syndication products at MTV Networks.

Venue / Sponsor

EMC/Isilon has graciously agreed to host the event and provide food and tasty beverages. EMC/Isilon’s offices are located at: 505 1st Avenue South, 2nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104

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