August 2014 Meetup - Let's Build an IRC Bot!

04 August 2014

The Seattle Node.js Meetup is pleased announce our next meetup on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 with a fun workshop. We’ll get pizza and beverages thanks to Formidable Labs as we venture to Fremont for an evening of hacking fun. Please bring a laptop and local Node.js installation (we all have that, right?) so that we can all code up our own bots!

As always, you can find all things Seattle Node.js-related at the group website: And you can reach out to us via email at or Twitter at @seattlenode.

See you soon!


6:00 - 6:30pm: Start with pizza and beer, courtesy of Formidable Labs.

6:30pm - 7:30pm: Build a bot with Node.js!

7:30 - on: Mingle, mix, chat things Node.js-related and more as we wind down.


Let’s build an IRC bot!

Wraithan - New Relic

Most of us spend our time in Node.js building web servers and APIs. Others use Node.js for front end tooling. While HTTP is great, we’ll branching out and building IRC bots together. I highly encourage you to bring your laptop and follow along with me as we go through all the steps to get a bot connected to a channel and reacting to commands!

Wraithan is a Software Engineer at New Relic developing the New Relic for Node.js. Wraithan spends much more time than is reasonable building IRC bots, fiddling with hardware, and working on his open source projects. He is an organizer for PDX Node and greatly enjoys mentoring folks.

Venue / Sponsor

Formidable Labs is hosting the event and providing food and tasty beverages. The Formidable Labs offices are located at: 3601 Fremont Ave. N, #300, Seattle, WA 98103. (AKA the former DevLocal co-working space.)

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