August 2013 Meetup - Streams and Radios

24 July 2013

The Seattle Node.js Meetup group’s August 13th event will have two great talks, leading us through the new world of Streams2 in Node.js v0.10 and bring Node.js to digital radios. We are pleased to have Mixpo host the meetup and provide us with pizza and beverages as we explore Node.js in the software and embedded environments.

We will follow our talks with lightning talks. Anything interesting is game for a talk! Be it a new GitHub project, a recent hacker event, or something cool that you’re working on. Feel free to post your ideas in the meetup page comments, email us ahead of time, or just volunteer at the event.

As always, you can find all things Seattle Node.js-related at the group website: And you can reach out to us via email or Twitter @seattlenode.

See you soon!


6:30 - 7:00pm: Start with pizza and beer, courtesy of Mixpo.

7:00pm - 7:45pm: We have two talks lined up:

  • Bryce Baril will guide us through his talk, “Node Streams2 Demystified”.
  • John Hays will then take us into the new and exciting world of radio with “Creating Polymorphic Web Based Interfaces for Digital 2-Way Radio”.

7:45pm - on: It’s lightning talk time. Come share and hear about the latest happenings and going ons with the group.

Main Talks

Node Streams2 Demystified

Bryce Baril will walk us through Streams2 as follows:

If you’re like me the first few times you tried to figure out node streams, you ended up confused and gave up because it was too difficult to understand. With streams2 that has all changed. I’ll quickly walk through all you need to know about streams2 to see just how powerful and easy it is to use streams in your Node.js code.

Bryce is a total data nerd. You can usually find him in his basement writing code while his white standard poodle naps on the futon. He’s building Ravenwall, a service for monitoring and metrics.

One of the things he loves most is teaching his three daughters how to code.

Bryce also maintains the popular node_redis library.

Creating Polymorphic Web Based Interfaces for Digital 2-Way Radio

John Hays’ talk will cover:

An overview of the UDR56k-4 radio project and how technologies such as websocket/node.js are enabling command, control, and communication to the radio from platform independent web interfaces.

John D. Hays is a Director at NW Digital Radio.

He has over 30 years in the computer industry in a variety of roles, including systems, network, and software engineering. He is currently VP of Information Technology at MaverickLabel.Com and a Director, Marketing and Product Development, at NW Digital Radio.

Venue / Sponsor

Mixpo has graciously agreed to host the event and provide food and tasty beverages. Mixpo’s offices are located at: 2505 2nd Ave, 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA

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